As you are aware – our struggle as a family has been ongoing since my father’s arrest in November 2009 – 8 years next month.

The emotional test is almost always there, especially on joyous days such as Ramadhan, eid and births.

However since the three year struggle to Save The Family Home from 2011 we have not only been tested emotionally and mentally but also financially as all legal costs have been independantly paid.

The fight to save our home was funded by the family and cost us aprox £17k

I remember back in 2013 when a brother heard that we did not recieve Legal Aid he was shocked and asked us why we had never mentioned this earlier. We as a family have embraced this to be our struggle so did not feel right asking people. Also alhamdulilah we have never been in a situation to seek financial help so endured the trial with dignity and dependance upon Allah swt.

However, then came the point where my father’s health was being severely neglected in prison and to be honest – still is. This was the most difficult part of the test for me personally. Seeing your innocent father behind bars is one thing, but then to helplessly watch him deteriorate due to these oppressing people is another. It was only then we reached out personally to friends and family to support us financially to pursue my dad’s healthcare. May Allah swt bless each and every one of you who helped. I have never forgotten that and never will.

There is also the Prison law side of things which is also funded privately by the family. This is something that will be ongoing until my father is released inshaAllah. Usually the fee’s bill up to aprox £2000 every couple of months. This relates to the letters, prison visits etc required to deal with my fathers situation be it preparation for parole, the ongoing problems he faces inside, or then chasing up health related matters. Alhamdulilah we have been managing.

As you know now we are faced with the huge strain of fighting to save the two properties which are under threat due to the Legal Aid Agency and Police wanting to recover over £400’000 from dad. This time, once again, reluctantly, I asked for financial assistance to defend ourselves in court. Alhamdulilah you helped us raise enough funds to get started :-) May Allah swt bless you all.

However, the reality of the situation now is that we are really nowhere close to being able to fund ourselves in court. A charge has been placed on both properties so we are unable to use either of them to assist our legal funds.

The court hearings that were heard on 18th and 19th September and the preparation for it still has £20k payment outstanding. As you are aware – this has now been adjourned to 7th & 8th November which means that we will most probably need just as much again by then!

Remember, this is only to fund OUR solicitors to fight to save our properties. If in the unfortunate circumstance we lose, we also have to cover the cost of the prosecution which will no doubt be A LOT more! Also not forgetting, we also have the actual debt of over £400k itself waiting ahead – which we can only afford paid off from the property itself if it comes to that.

We as a family have stayed quiet up until now because we have tried to deal with our financial issues ourselves. However, we are forced into a situation now where we have to reach out requesting your duaa and financial support.

Please for a moment stop reading this post and make a sincere dua for Allah swt to assist us during this trial – then read on. JazakAllah khair.

We do not want to deal with interest so I propose a request of anyone willing to help with Qardh Hasanah – an interest free loan of any amount you can easily give and state the date you require it to be paid by.

And if you would like to simply give an amount towards the legal costs you may do so here;

Or contact us directly on

There is also one thing I want to highlight now. It is very important to do so because it is very easy for people to fall into doubt and suspicion. May Allah swt save us from such situations. My family had made plans and booked to go for umra together this year. It has been booked and paid for already. InshaAllah we will be travelling in December. Had we known this trial would not end on 19th September and legal costs would continue then we most probably would not have booked it. All I can say is this is clearly from Allah swt. I want to clarify this now because the last thing I would want is for us to ask for assistance and people thinking that your support has been abused. Astaghfirullah. We plan to be completely transparent with you and are happy to show you the legal invoices too inshaAllah.

May Allah swt reward you all immensely for every form of support you offer and alleviate your difficulties in this life and in the next for being the means of easing ours. Ameen ya Rabb. Please keep us in your duaa. They are the weapon of a believer.

To understand the background of my father’s case please watch: