Social visits for an inmate hold great value because it gives them comfort and hope that they have not been forgotten.

HMP Wakefield holds over 700 prisoners behind its huge barbaric walls. A large fractions of th
ese inmates do not get any visits from anyone, so the oppression they face is obviously ignored.

Munir was transferred into this jail over 2 years ago. It is the prison rules to have maximum 3 adult and 3 children per visit. The family visits him every weekend and is provided extra chairs just like other visitors, when required.  Very occasionally the prison officers decide to move the extra wooden chairs a few centimetres to their desired area. This is simply done to intimidate the visitors and indicate who is in authority.

If a visitor innocently questions the reason to move the chair, (considering how heavily monitored everyone’s movement is via cctv and prison guards). It is seen by the officers as remonstration and being awkward.

The letter is clearly addressed to Munir’s son, yet the deputy head of operations believes that it is justifiable to punish the entire family for one’ alleged behaviour.