It’s been over 3 months and they have not clipped my fathers nails. As a diabetic your nails grow hard and its not possible to clip them with normal nail trimmers. A chiropodist trims them for you. This is resulting in pain when my father walks, and has made holes in his shoes and socks.

Know that my father is a truly humble man. Dont take this from his daughter, this is witnessed by people from far and wide, by those who have spent moments in his company, or years! So if he tells me about this problem it means he is truly pained.
May Allah azowjal the Rabb of the universe and the Witness of this oppression deal with these scum as they rightfully deserve. If guidance is not written in their fate then may Allah swt make them physically and spiritually deaf, dumb and blind, fully paralyzed and stripped off their arrogant independance and authority in a matter of moments.

Umm Rumaysa