It is worth noting that due to this debt, Munir has been unable to seek Legal Aid, and so the family have been funding the legal fee’s themselves, and by the help of generous souls who have offered their support over the years. May Allah swt bless you all.

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Prison law; covers Munir’s health, dealing with issues within the prison and preparation for his parole which will be in 2018 inshaAllah.

Recovery of Cost Defence; this is a separate case which requires completely different lawyers. And the first hearing regarding this case will be heard beginning of April 2017 inshaAllah.

Both require private funding.

Over the years many people have asked to help, however many a times we have refused because alhamdulilah we have been managing the legal funding ourselves.

However, recently as the people have heard that the case regarding the Recovery of Cost Defence is still pending- collective punishment is still being enforced and other properties are still under threat of being confiscated – many have asked to help us finanically towards the legal costs to ease the strain.

This is why we have now set up an online funding page if you wish to pay towards the costs. We as a family are ever grateful and cannot thank you enough for your geneoristy. You have our heartfelt duaas. Especially the duaas of the oppressed, Munir Farooqi.

May Allah swt bless you all, protect you from harm and increase the barakah in your wealth and earnings. Ameen!


This is just ANOTHER form of collective punishment. How? Before, they tried to confiscate the family home by leaving three generations homeless- a fight which the family won by the grace of Allah swt and through your tireless help, support and continuous campaigning.
NOW because they miserably failed in those attempts they try other ways to collectively punish the family and break them down by attempting to retrieve the cost of his defence through the other properties, which aren’t even owned by him!!
This has also resulted in all legal costs, for Munir and defending these cases, to be funded privately by the family, which is why we request your help.
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