Message from Munir Farooqi’s daughter, Zulaikha Farooqi:


Following the success of our family campaign ‘Save The Family Home’ in 2014, we have been faced with the threat of losing two other properties which do not belong to my father, Munir Farooqi. These two properties are the main source of income for the same three generations whom the police intended to leave homeless. We managed to save our family home however, the Legal Aid Agency and the Police are taking my father to court demanding the payment of £457’014.13 – After framing him by the use of undercover officers they shamelessly demand he covers their costs of his defence at trial! They are working towards a potential sale of these properties. This is another battle, we as a family have to face. The trial will start 18TH SEPTEMBER 2017.

These are attempts to once again break us as a family and just another major form of collective punishment. It is not enough for them to keep my father behind bars. They want him to deteriorate in prison as well as punish & break us financially.

This is where I REALLY need your help, please. Sadly, we as a family have not been able to campaign as well as we would have liked to. So, I need you to help me raise awareness, as well as the funds to be able defend ourselves in courts to save the properties this year. Please push this out as much as possible in this blessed month of Ramadhan.

JazakAllah khair (May God reward with goodness) for all those who have already donated in person after hearing of the situation by word of mouth, and to everyone who has or will donate on our fundraising page. May Allah reward you all immensely and relieve you of your burdens in return. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.